I would have never created a  Facebook page had it not been for my older sister telling me how much better it was than Myspace.

I like Myspace i enjoyed the music and all the kool stuff you could do to your page. I thought Facebook would be boring. When I finally created a Facebook account i started connecting with people i haven’t seen in years. That what made Facebook kool to me. I not a game player so all the games i would try but become a bore to me fast.

I became very annoyed with all the changes with Facebook. I look at it like this if it isn’t broke why fix it.

After reading Timeline for Brand Pages, written by Daniela Asaro I learn of Facebook new changes coming this March 30th. With this changes to Facebook it is mandatory that we all change or Profile to these timelines.

To be quite frank i am annoyed with social media it too much control. We have no say in how we want to interact with people. Change is not always good! Sometimes it brings my harm then anything. Facebook should start listen to the people that make them successful and that is us the 800million users.

Dee Eunice Moore