When Starting the quest on whose blog I should follow for a week I began to search high and low for someone amazing. There was a few that I narrowed down  then after class Tuesday it hit follow Joyce Pines blog. Why not she is very teacher that taught you everything there is about blog via the journalism point (Gina you taught me pr). Mrs. Pines is the very reason why I began to take blogging serious.

Upon enter her class i had mix feeling on if  I should continue on pursuing the field of journalism.  Though writing has been my passion since elementary. But after taking my first college journalism course which  I passed the experience left with nightmares.

Yes, nightmares!!

But once entering the classroom of Mrs. Joyce O. Pines I knew there was hope and not all professors were the same.

Pines believed in ever student ability and encourage us to “Brand” ourselves make a name for ourselves ”Start a Blog.” And there is when sitting a hot classroom is when i saw the light.  I start my first blog and she was so excited she told the class about and she began to follow it. Often i would stay after class and talk her about my goals and what i have planned and she would say

“Dominique you can do it i believe in you.”

One thing i greatly appreciate her the most is her support in her students dreams and always giving her honest opinion even when hurts. I’m a better person having Know Mrs. Joyce O. Pines. Every chance  I get I tell her thank you!

Joyce Pines is the public editor of the Kalamazoo Gazette and an instructor in journalism at Western Michigan University. She is also a licensed psychologist.

Pines blogs via the opinion section of the Kalamazoo Gazette. Reading her blogs through years and this past week i am often disappointed because what she writes often isn’t the rawness she teaches in the classroom. That where i think that having a blog via the newspaper hurts. Because it can confine a journalist if it doesn’t support the ideas or views of that newspaper. Though she is a season journalist and editor she does has clout. Maybe she could possible get always with somethings opinion wise.

Also, the fact that she is a seasoned journalist she has been apart of the Kalamazoo and Western Michigan University community she has grown a audience through her print work.Because she knows her audience she able to connect with them in her blog posts.

Before we go any further let define what exactly a blog  is in the first place.

“The blog is your hub for demonstrating expertise, sharing visions, listening to and responding to customers, communicating progress, curating relevant market and trend information, and hosting dialogues to further the company’s values and principles. It requires continuity, cadence, and a voice that readers can connect with.” (Solis p. 42)

Here is an example from a post entitled Is breastfeeding in court about right or it illustrate a class of cultures?

So does this boil down to a woman’s right to breastfeed anywhere at anytime?

Or is it a clash of cultures, with a judge upholding Baby Boomer and older values of decorum and respect inside his court and a busy, young woman with a sick baby just trying to take care of a stupid ticket and feeling dissed when the judge gives her grief?

I’m voting for the clash of cultures, but then, like the judge, I’m a Baby Boomer.

Here is a comment from a reader:

I’m also a baby boomer. I breast fed all my babies. I did go into another room, but never had the experience of having to listen for a case to be called and have my baby need to eat. I am never embarrassed by the sight of a woman feeding her child in the way that nature intended. Some breast fed babies will not ever accept a bottle even if it has breast milk in it. My grandson was breast fed, at the pediatrician’s insistence, until he was almost 3 because he was very tiny and could not tolerate formula or cow’s milk or any of the other substitutes. I don’t think the judge should have to apologize, but I do feel that he was rude and not very understanding of the situation that the mother and baby were in.

By her adding the fact that she was a baby boomer allowed her to make connection with a certain audience and they connected and responded.

She is very active with her online community out everything i have read this quote sum it up:

“I was identified this week as one of Kalamazoo’s “well-known Republicans” in response to an online posting I created. Another response to the same posting accused me of writing, “more left-wing, liberal propaganda” and being a “Musketeer of stupidity — one for all, and all for Obama.” – Joyce Pines

After reading that quote doesn’t it make you wish you were in a classroom with her just a day if that what she said via her blog.

“Blogs ranked lower in trustworthiness than every other form of content in Forrester’s  list of corporate marketing and media tools, even below broadcast and print media, direct media, and email. ” (Solis p. 41)

I feel because her blog is through the Kalamazoo Gazette it is more trustworthy. Reader will trust her thoughts because she is a editor for the Kalamazoo Gazette newspaper and also she teaches journalism  to up and coming journalist. She is practicing what she preach and that makes her creditable to her students and her audience at large.

I also agree with Solis idea that “Blogs are completely ineffective and only contribute to consumers’ leeriness when used as a corporate platform for marketing, schilling, pitching, or broadcasting promotional messages.” (Solis p. 41)

Though it does make her blog trust worthy because it through the Kalamazoo Gazette but reader my feel she is pushing agenda that represent the interest of that newspaper and not the interest of the community in which it serves. These blog may not be her real opinions due to the brand in is already established by the newspaper side of the Kalamazoo Gazette. I’ve learn that online source are an extension of the print media. So if people did trust the print they may not trust the online media. So  there is good and bad having your blog through an already established news media.

This Statement sums up Pines as a blogger because she is always prepared and ready  to respond.

“With every link outward, every tweet back, every e-mail, and every comment in other forums, we point people back to our work, not simply because we published something, but in view of the fact that we mindfully contributed value and insight and were prepared to respond.” ( Solis p.44)

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