I really enjoyed reading Closing the Design Gap  written by Dan Sullivan.  The follow are thing I felt was the key points of his blog post:

  •  Passion for good design lends itself to setting high personal standards, which in the competitive world of design, is a must. These standards can become somewhat of a catch 22 as you find yourself in the middle of a project that isn’t living up to personal or professional expectations
  •  Every good designer strives to create compelling work that stands out from all the rest, so it is easy to feel disheartened when you become aware of the gap between your work and the work that you admire.
  • In times of self-doubt, it’s important to think about why you chose this field in the first place.
  •  It is incredibly rare for someone to consistently create amazing work without pushing through those awkward learning phases, and it has happened to the best of them.

It is important to remember that we do have talent. With that talent we have to master that talent and that time. During that time we must embrace failure to know what true hard work success feels and look like. We all have learn to be humble and be willing to keep growing and learning. Our talent has gotten us this far it take appreciation and humbleness to work with other to grow to a new level. at this level of the first paying job we are now working with a team so we need not to be afraid to ask for help. You may have the job but you are still networking so welcome help and down the road when there a new job you’ll like to have they’ll be willing to speak highly of you.

Dee Eunice




After reading a blog post by Jeff Escalante entitled Facebook is Watching You.  I was a bit uncomfortable about some of the things i read about how Facebook use or information for marketing to what they think interest us.  This also use what we like to make sure we see ads about shows or singers we like. Which i find very annoying just because i like something doesn’t mean i want to see it every time i log on. He also discuss how important it is to clean out our computer cookies. The following are things i found to be very interesting through out the blog.


  • study by Bright Edge research shows that 25% of the top 1000 websites include a plugin from Facebook (the most popular being the like button), and that there have been over 65 million likes and shares of the top 1000 websites. This level of activity demonstrates a very tight integration between popular sites and Facebook.
  • Facebook keeps a log of the last 90 webpages you visited and they were able to track, and plans on using this data to provide additional targeting information for advertising.
  • These documents can extend up to thousands of pages and contain a vast range of information logged by Facebook, including chat logs, credit cards, emails, computers used to log in, pokes, locations/checkins, removed friends, and much more. And all of this data is retained even if your account is deleted.
  •  Although it’s good to know what’s being tracked and what isn’t, as long as they continue to use your data only for advertising, it is certainly not something to be freak out about. In fact, we should be happy that it allows them to show us advertising that we could benefit from.


Overall, it made me not want to use the like button for no reason even if i really do like something. I understand why Facebook is doing what they are doing but it can be overwhelming. Facebook less is always more. If your going to cater to my interest have a verity of ads not the same ones.



I never really thought of Flickr as a social media before reading Chapter 6 of Engage!. But then again there really isn’t a concrete definition as to what exactly is “social media.”  The sharing of pictures to friends and love one who aren’t near is creating a online community that is receiving and giving feedback is “social media.”  hmm

I myself never really used Flickr but i have created an album on Facebook of family picture to share with my family that are far. As a result i have create bonds with family members i may have never had a bond with all because of sharing photos via Facebook.

Though Flickr is unique but i don’t think it can stand alone as Facebook can as a social media.  With Facebook you can share a picture or a whole album with just a click. Leave comments tags other friends and family in the picture which grows the online community. Yes, Flickr has a place where you can join a group but most people just want to look at the pictures and move on. No comments! There is also a place where you can be apart of the discussion  which is nice but some people such as myself really don’t want to be apart of a discussion.

Flickr just every other social media has its place in this great big ol’ world of social media.

When i was in middle school forums and group were the coolest things. Especially for B2k fans. sigh Any B2k Member reading this one reunion show that all i ask Raz-b don’t have to be apart of it. Can a girl dream!  I digress forums were the perfect place to get information about my favorite group read fan fiction. Which i written some in my day. These forums great bonds with totally stranger with one thing in common their love for B2k. These people became your “friends” people you talked to everyday after school. Of course after home work was done.

Now that i am older i really don’t interact with forum as much even if there is something that interest me. I want interact in that community. i am a reader of information i don’t comment.

My favorite dashboard is the one for tumblr. I can like, re-blog or comment with even going to people pages.  Its a pretty cool set up Tumblr has as their dashboard they are always making changes which can be annoying.

When it comes to social networks i am not quick to join everyone because some says it going help me land a job etc. I’ll join a new one when i become bored with the ones i have already. Less is more. social media is changing every day no need to get caught up in the hype.

Overall good readings still enjoying the book thus far.


When Starting the quest on whose blog I should follow for a week I began to search high and low for someone amazing. There was a few that I narrowed down  then after class Tuesday it hit follow Joyce Pines blog. Why not she is very teacher that taught you everything there is about blog via the journalism point (Gina you taught me pr). Mrs. Pines is the very reason why I began to take blogging serious.

Upon enter her class i had mix feeling on if  I should continue on pursuing the field of journalism.  Though writing has been my passion since elementary. But after taking my first college journalism course which  I passed the experience left with nightmares.

Yes, nightmares!!

But once entering the classroom of Mrs. Joyce O. Pines I knew there was hope and not all professors were the same.

Pines believed in ever student ability and encourage us to “Brand” ourselves make a name for ourselves ”Start a Blog.” And there is when sitting a hot classroom is when i saw the light.  I start my first blog and she was so excited she told the class about and she began to follow it. Often i would stay after class and talk her about my goals and what i have planned and she would say

“Dominique you can do it i believe in you.”

One thing i greatly appreciate her the most is her support in her students dreams and always giving her honest opinion even when hurts. I’m a better person having Know Mrs. Joyce O. Pines. Every chance  I get I tell her thank you!

Joyce Pines is the public editor of the Kalamazoo Gazette and an instructor in journalism at Western Michigan University. She is also a licensed psychologist.

Pines blogs via the opinion section of the Kalamazoo Gazette. Reading her blogs through years and this past week i am often disappointed because what she writes often isn’t the rawness she teaches in the classroom. That where i think that having a blog via the newspaper hurts. Because it can confine a journalist if it doesn’t support the ideas or views of that newspaper. Though she is a season journalist and editor she does has clout. Maybe she could possible get always with somethings opinion wise.

Also, the fact that she is a seasoned journalist she has been apart of the Kalamazoo and Western Michigan University community she has grown a audience through her print work.Because she knows her audience she able to connect with them in her blog posts.

Before we go any further let define what exactly a blog  is in the first place.

“The blog is your hub for demonstrating expertise, sharing visions, listening to and responding to customers, communicating progress, curating relevant market and trend information, and hosting dialogues to further the company’s values and principles. It requires continuity, cadence, and a voice that readers can connect with.” (Solis p. 42)

Here is an example from a post entitled Is breastfeeding in court about right or it illustrate a class of cultures?

So does this boil down to a woman’s right to breastfeed anywhere at anytime?

Or is it a clash of cultures, with a judge upholding Baby Boomer and older values of decorum and respect inside his court and a busy, young woman with a sick baby just trying to take care of a stupid ticket and feeling dissed when the judge gives her grief?

I’m voting for the clash of cultures, but then, like the judge, I’m a Baby Boomer.

Here is a comment from a reader:

I’m also a baby boomer. I breast fed all my babies. I did go into another room, but never had the experience of having to listen for a case to be called and have my baby need to eat. I am never embarrassed by the sight of a woman feeding her child in the way that nature intended. Some breast fed babies will not ever accept a bottle even if it has breast milk in it. My grandson was breast fed, at the pediatrician’s insistence, until he was almost 3 because he was very tiny and could not tolerate formula or cow’s milk or any of the other substitutes. I don’t think the judge should have to apologize, but I do feel that he was rude and not very understanding of the situation that the mother and baby were in.

By her adding the fact that she was a baby boomer allowed her to make connection with a certain audience and they connected and responded.

She is very active with her online community out everything i have read this quote sum it up:

“I was identified this week as one of Kalamazoo’s “well-known Republicans” in response to an online posting I created. Another response to the same posting accused me of writing, “more left-wing, liberal propaganda” and being a “Musketeer of stupidity — one for all, and all for Obama.” – Joyce Pines

After reading that quote doesn’t it make you wish you were in a classroom with her just a day if that what she said via her blog.

“Blogs ranked lower in trustworthiness than every other form of content in Forrester’s  list of corporate marketing and media tools, even below broadcast and print media, direct media, and email. ” (Solis p. 41)

I feel because her blog is through the Kalamazoo Gazette it is more trustworthy. Reader will trust her thoughts because she is a editor for the Kalamazoo Gazette newspaper and also she teaches journalism  to up and coming journalist. She is practicing what she preach and that makes her creditable to her students and her audience at large.

I also agree with Solis idea that “Blogs are completely ineffective and only contribute to consumers’ leeriness when used as a corporate platform for marketing, schilling, pitching, or broadcasting promotional messages.” (Solis p. 41)

Though it does make her blog trust worthy because it through the Kalamazoo Gazette but reader my feel she is pushing agenda that represent the interest of that newspaper and not the interest of the community in which it serves. These blog may not be her real opinions due to the brand in is already established by the newspaper side of the Kalamazoo Gazette. I’ve learn that online source are an extension of the print media. So if people did trust the print they may not trust the online media. So  there is good and bad having your blog through an already established news media.

This Statement sums up Pines as a blogger because she is always prepared and ready  to respond.

“With every link outward, every tweet back, every e-mail, and every comment in other forums, we point people back to our work, not simply because we published something, but in view of the fact that we mindfully contributed value and insight and were prepared to respond.” ( Solis p.44)

Hey Joyce Pine Tweets she pretty interesting so follower her @jlopines  tell her DaAfroChik sent you!


I have grown into loving to blogging. When I first started blogging I didn’t know my voice. I didn’t think I anything important to say blogging wise. If you I know me well or long enough you I will find something to chit chat about. With the blogging world its not what you talk about it how you say it. If what every you decided to blog about only serve your interest then you’ll never be successful.

You want to create a community where people not only read your blog but feel compelled to leave a comment. When people comment believe they will talk about it will friends. Word of mouth is your friend because it is done correctly it should bring readers to your blog to join the conversation.

As a blogger its important to be more than just a doer but also a hearer. That mean google  your subject see what other bloggers are talking about. Don’t let your pride get in the way so join the that community. Now day they ask for your website when leaving a comment. So that another way to get yourself out there. I’m sure if you blog enough the owner of that blog may just pay your blog a visit or or commenters may see what you are all about.

Brian Solis have a excellent point about that very idea in chapter four.

“Comments on other blogs are a form of both participation and unmarketing. Be sure to pay attention to relevant posts around the blogosphere and contribute relevant comments on both your blog and elsewhere.” (Solis 2011)


As bloggers I we all think we have something important to say. So we decided to blog faithful about whatever comes to mind or how we are feeling. I’ve been guilt of that on my tumblr blog which it my more fun and slightly personal blog. Though I do many followers who read my blog often I’m sure most of them are my friends a handful are random people. It hurt my feeling a little when I read Solis thoughts on blogging just because but I understood what he meant by the following statement.

“Blogging for the sake of blogging, even with the best of intentions, is meaningless if the internal team cannot communicate an organized infrastructure.” (Solis 2011)

Hence, is why I created a new blog where I write with a purpose same content but a different way of saying it where it is understood by others. Its not just me throwing a fit or venting.  Its substance and everyone is looking for substance something they can take from your reading. That reading your blog has not been a total waste.

Its important so you readers that you are human, you are not only trying to get your point across but understanding their angle too. Solis, didn’t bring this up in this chapter but i think it would be interesting if people blogged from a two sided argument approach. I think that make reader more comfortable being active reader and commenter.  Its all about connecting what ever your brand may be to someone who may or may not care. Once you have that connection you just have keep them coming back for more. Solis uses Ford Motor Company as an example, “Ford, for example, often introduces us to the people behind the story, allowing customers to make a human connection.” (Solis 2011)

If this approach works for a large company such as Ford Motor Company imagine what it could do for you as a regular ol Joe.


I knew picking a name for your blog is important but i didn’t think about the branding side of it until a year ago. Wanted something new so i change the name of my most successful blog. That was a  huge mistake because i had reader and supports of the blog. When i changed the name i complete ignored them and their feelings as to why they were apart of my online community. With that blog i networked with so many important people who still follow me on Twitter. Thank JESUS!!

Because i was interested in something new i could not expect my audience to accept the new name and new topic discussed. I am the same writer but i was creating a new brand under a old yet already successful brand with communicating that to my audience. Though my audience was still active but they were not in the large numbers before the change.

Some people see my face on twitter and ask aren’t you “Dat AfroChik”?  For the rest of blogging career i will always be “Dat Afro Chik” just because i out grow the name my audience loved and embraced me. I have been struggling to rebuild my brand an even more mature brand.  This one i plan to stick with all the way learn from my mistakes and use what made me successful in first place with my new journey in the blogging world. With my old blog i really did have a strong voice with this new blog i have found my voice. Now that i have found my voice my brand with become even Stronger over time!  I am Excited about my future!

A reflection piece after reading a blog by Jocelyn Broder.

Dee Moore

 According, to Brian Solis author of Engage!,we stand at a crossroads where the language of social media either matures and develops or depreciates and decays(p. 38). Solis, also goes on to say some words are on the endangered species list, of the words on that list being yourself/ being human is what caught my eye.

Travis Dahle, wrote a blog entitled Are things like Twitter, Texting, Facebook and Blogging hurting communication? in his blog he brought  up the issue of being human and there more face to face communication. Besides being human Dahle also talked about other words that were also on Solis list such as listening, conversation/ dialogue, and relationships.

While there are other problems, there is an easy solution: make communication more human.  Think about what you are going to say when you type up an e-mail or a text.  Think about what comments you are putting down on some ones blog.  Try to meet with people and talk with them and listen to them (listening is another problem all together).  Try to make communication more human.

I feel with the use of some social media using we have lost the meaning of words. Now we have all the acronyms that shorten words and by shorten the words  I  feel it is changing the meaning of words. Also, we are no linger spelling out words dude to space so we create new spelling to to save space on such social media such as twitter. Twitter give us 140 character which sometimes limit the amount of correct spelling words we can use. Personally, I think all social medias have their own language that is used between those in that media and change form media to media.

Solis, states the web is becoming a lot smarter and will eventually start to help us come together as peers to collaborate and innovate (p.34). I find this to be true with companies of all sizes being able to become more successful through the web to connect with their desired audiences. It has also help expand their audiences to other states and around the global. However, if we don’t not get thing language together so that all can understand the meaning of words and how they used differently we will start become confused and wont know how to communicate with others. One may interpret lol as “laughing out load” where as one my interpret it to mean “lots of love” those are just basic examples but words and its meanings are change quickly as social media grows. I personally see it as a bad thing because each generation is effected differently it either mature and develop their language or  their language decays vocabulary wise.

We’re simply becoming aware of our markets, the people who define them, and our place within each community (Solis, p. 33).

But as we become more aware of our markets we should still know how to communicate outside of the social media world. After all there is still real alive people we still have to interact with on a daily basics. We still have to practice the basics to know how to make them better as time beings to change. But is this new change in hope interact with society really good or are hindering basic everyday growth.

While we learn through everything we read and practice, we should never strive to master something that evolves much faster than our ability to fully grasp its lessons, benefits, insights, and pitfalls. In the process, we learn a bit more about ourselves and our true potential ( Solis, p. 33).

So I think we don’t to embrace it all at once but we do have to willing to learn new things. Just as we learn new things we must not forget the basic skills of communication and the meaning of words. Know how to separate the two worlds reality and social media only if one helps the other but stop when it harms the other normal process.