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In all elements of life it is important to listen. How do you know what people need or want if you don’t listen. So as i read chapter 18 these are some of the conclusions i got from the chapter.

  • Making connections at the human level with the intent to listen before action is the only true and rewarding source of mutually beneficial engagement.
  • Socialized media is empowering and encouraging us to not only consume content, but also create it.
  • This is the era of new influencers and we become media and earn authority based on the content we share, where it reaches, how it affects those who come into contact with it, and also how and where we participate. In turn, our social graph creates an orbiting realm of social influence that can be useful to brands that align with our values and lifestyle.
The key to this chapter is:

This is about humanizing the story in a way that empathizes with those whom you’re trying to compel.


I didn’t agree with everything that was in this chapter but i understood the points that were being made. I feel that people should have the right to express how the feel via the social networks. Sometimes people vent to get feedback both positive and negative. Sometimes we need that instant feedback to helps us maybe we are over thinking the situation or maybe we need support.

I feel as long as the person is not at the place of employment when they are saying what they are saying no employer has the right to fire someone. If the person is letting out steam and not sharing company secrets let that person be. Jobs and school are very stressful and i don’t people understand the amount of stress people are under.

Let people express themselves. As an employer pull your employee to the side and talk with them not fire them work with them some how. Sometime employers are too sensitive and the truth hurts. Yes, it hurt but take it as feedback as to what you can do better.

The following are key things i took away from Chapter 15.

“Individuals who are currently employed are also at risk of losing their jobs, based on their behavior on social networks and what they choose to share online.” Solis p. 165

“There are social networks for almost everything you can and can’t imagine. ” Solis p. 166

“This is your digital identity and your real reputation and it’s yours to define and nurture.” Solis p. 166


Dee Eunice Moore


I would have never created a  Facebook page had it not been for my older sister telling me how much better it was than Myspace.

I like Myspace i enjoyed the music and all the kool stuff you could do to your page. I thought Facebook would be boring. When I finally created a Facebook account i started connecting with people i haven’t seen in years. That what made Facebook kool to me. I not a game player so all the games i would try but become a bore to me fast.

I became very annoyed with all the changes with Facebook. I look at it like this if it isn’t broke why fix it.

After reading Timeline for Brand Pages, written by Daniela Asaro I learn of Facebook new changes coming this March 30th. With this changes to Facebook it is mandatory that we all change or Profile to these timelines.

To be quite frank i am annoyed with social media it too much control. We have no say in how we want to interact with people. Change is not always good! Sometimes it brings my harm then anything. Facebook should start listen to the people that make them successful and that is us the 800million users.

Dee Eunice Moore

“As cliched as it might sound, being “online” and having a “brand” (ugh, I hate myself for saying that) is all about curation and providing some sort of value to your readers/followers/stalkers.” – Alexis Lamster

Brian Solis brings it home by saying,”It’s far more effective and beneficial to you and the brand (s) you represent to maintain multiple accounts, at the very least one for professional and business persona online.” (p. 131)

  For this class I use my personal Twitter, FaceBook accounts but i didn’t use my person wordpress blog. Though somehow my classmates found it and began to follow it. Each one of those accounts i have is a personality of myself. I am more comfortable using my twitter and Facebook accounts for class because it is less personal. My blogs tend to be quite personal so i would rather start fresh for class.

Brand Reflection Cycle: Establishing Online Identity and Persona through Introspection is found on page 133. It list eight was in which we should establish our online identity and they are:

  1. Core values
  2. Pillars
  3. Promise
  4. Aspirations
  5. Brand Characteristics
  6. Opportunities
  7. Culture
  8. Personality

Solis, reminds us that ” a brand continually evolves and its past, present, future are defined not only by the characteristics we place around the chart ( Brand Refection Cycle) ; they’re also established and fortified through the words and actions that emanate during engagement, thus contributing to the overall interpretation and impression post-rendezvous.”  (p.133)

This a great chapter i would say nothing new but just a reinforcement as what makes a brand great. 


I must say I have become quite smitten by the Carrot Blog. I’ve become pretty active in their community. I pretty much enjoy reading almost all their post. 

One that caught my eye is entitled So You’re On The Internet, Huh? written by Alexis Lamster. 

Here are some of the few things i took away from her post.

  • The ability to know the ins and outs of each platform helps establish Carrot as an expert in the industry. But there’s a delicate balance you have to strike with your online presence.
  • So forget what everyone says, being on social media can be good for you career. However, I think the real question is what sort of things can you post that will help you get a job, rather than hurt your chances.
  • become a pseudo “expert” at something.
  • Connect, reach out to people, and be your genuine self.


As, my late Grandpa Allen would say “If you can’t do the job like the man, leave it alone.”

If i want to be apart of the social media community i have to will to go up and beyond to get the job done. Not only get the job done but done right. Become dependable and trustworthy. Whatever i blog about my readers in confidence can suggest someone to read. People talk about building a brand that kool in all but why lose your self in the process. So make your brand you because at end of the day you will spend more time being someone your not. When you can accept your uniqueness and be happy connect to people with all your flaws.

what i take away from this blog post is something family, teachers etc. has being trying to teaches and that is to be ourselves. But for some odd reason being ourselves isn’t kool enough. 

Dee Eunice Moore   

Both Chapters 10 and 11 were things new to me but i decided to to blog about chapter 10 because i felt i understood it more than eleven.

“Essentially, Social Objects in social networks take the form of content or media and can induce responses and reaction in each network in which they’re launched as dictated by those who notice and are prompted or notified.” Brian Solis (p. 104)

So basically when a company create these social media networks for their company each one should uniquely different that allows them to get different types of responses.  Just like in into to Public Relations when we had to give different types of comment on the tree different social media networks used for class. With a Blog you can get more depth of customers thoughts through their comments. Blogs are more informing that create dialogue. Whereas Facebook and Twitter is more marketing and responding to  issues quicker. They a more authentic connection with customers if used right than a blog does. Plus often times they are updated more regular than a blog.

The next two Brian Solis sum up my ideas of what i thought were the key elements of Chapter nine were:

“Social Objects become the hubs for specialized engagement and discourse at the point of introduction and also at time, relevance, and debut and discovery of related objects continue to support interaction.” Brian Solis (p. 105)

“Typically, we view the connections established within social networks as symbolizing the relationship between people. Therefore we we look at the number of friends and followers as a metric for authority of popularity.”- Brian Solis (p.105)

Solis, also remind us in this chapter how all of this is important in building a strong brand. Everything you do via social media can help or harm your brand. A Brand must be willing to accept the good and bad about themselves that the only way they will grow to be well balanced. Because if customers see their favorite  brand willing to make changes to improve and listen to their costumers via social  media then they will feel their voices are being heard. That why its important that  companies who jump in to this social media world understand the following with this understanding they are doomed!

“In many social networks, that object takes the form of content, profiles, events, media, and other social semblances that establish conversational hubs. Content indeed serves as the foray into the conversations that ultimately define the presence, acceptance, and perception of any brand.” – Brian Solis (p. 107)

Dee Eunice

“Twitter is a magnet for people seeking information.”- Brian Solis (p.92)

I totally agree that Twitter is a place i go to seek information. When i first got twitter it was confusing but i just did what i saw everyone else doing til i figured it out. Twitter has it pro’s and con’s with getting information because there are a lot of fake profile not everyone “real person” has their profile verified.  However, there is a lot knowledge to be learn through the use of twitter. There are people on twitter that you can network with like never before. I am just a tweet away from getting information from the horses mouth. Hopefully they are kind enough to return my tweet with an response.

Employment  everyone is looking for employment. It’s nice to have a more update list of places that a hiring tweeted out daily or weekly. That is what also make Twitter unique it is live and instant.

“Twitter and social media can spark a social effect that galvanizes community support and action.”-Brian Solis (p.92)

If business’s around Detroit could come together and create a Twitter account and tweet about when they are hiring etc. It would spark an interest in Detroit like never before because it would show that business want to keep business in the city of Detroit. Therefore creating more jobs in the city and using social media to get the word out create a community  off supporters. People want to see the city thrive again they are just looking for something to believe in again. More in the city is something the people can believe in and support.

Keeping with the idea of supporting  a cause fundraising is key. Fundraising can be difficult often not as successful as sum had hoped their fundraising to be. I have been apart those unsuccessful fund raisers not a pretty sight. Knowing you did reach you goal sucks.

“People are using Twitter and social media to raise money for charitable causes and capital for projects and companies. It’s the art of spurring contributions through information and education, not solicitation.” – Brian Solis (p.93)

Solis said it best people do not like to be solicited give them information and let them make their own decision if they want to give or not do ask. I think if you give people something of value they will be more than willing to give something in return. Learn to give more than you receive. May not get that donation but you make get something when you least expect it.