I didn’t agree with everything that was in this chapter but i understood the points that were being made. I feel that people should have the right to express how the feel via the social networks. Sometimes people vent to get feedback both positive and negative. Sometimes we need that instant feedback to helps us maybe we are over thinking the situation or maybe we need support.

I feel as long as the person is not at the place of employment when they are saying what they are saying no employer has the right to fire someone. If the person is letting out steam and not sharing company secrets let that person be. Jobs and school are very stressful and i don’t people understand the amount of stress people are under.

Let people express themselves. As an employer pull your employee to the side and talk with them not fire them work with them some how. Sometime employers are too sensitive and the truth hurts. Yes, it hurt but take it as feedback as to what you can do better.

The following are key things i took away from Chapter 15.

“Individuals who are currently employed are also at risk of losing their jobs, based on their behavior on social networks and what they choose to share online.” Solis p. 165

“There are social networks for almost everything you can and can’t imagine. ” Solis p. 166

“This is your digital identity and your real reputation and it’s yours to define and nurture.” Solis p. 166


Dee Eunice Moore