“As cliched as it might sound, being “online” and having a “brand” (ugh, I hate myself for saying that) is all about curation and providing some sort of value to your readers/followers/stalkers.” – Alexis Lamster

Brian Solis brings it home by saying,”It’s far more effective and beneficial to you and the brand (s) you represent to maintain multiple accounts, at the very least one for professional and business persona online.” (p. 131)

  For this class I use my personal Twitter, FaceBook accounts but i didn’t use my person wordpress blog. Though somehow my classmates found it and began to follow it. Each one of those accounts i have is a personality of myself. I am more comfortable using my twitter and Facebook accounts for class because it is less personal. My blogs tend to be quite personal so i would rather start fresh for class.

Brand Reflection Cycle: Establishing Online Identity and Persona through Introspection is found on page 133. It list eight was in which we should establish our online identity and they are:

  1. Core values
  2. Pillars
  3. Promise
  4. Aspirations
  5. Brand Characteristics
  6. Opportunities
  7. Culture
  8. Personality

Solis, reminds us that ” a brand continually evolves and its past, present, future are defined not only by the characteristics we place around the chart ( Brand Refection Cycle) ; they’re also established and fortified through the words and actions that emanate during engagement, thus contributing to the overall interpretation and impression post-rendezvous.”  (p.133)

This a great chapter i would say nothing new but just a reinforcement as what makes a brand great.