I must say I have become quite smitten by the Carrot Blog. I’ve become pretty active in their community. I pretty much enjoy reading almost all their post. 

One that caught my eye is entitled So You’re On The Internet, Huh? written by Alexis Lamster. 

Here are some of the few things i took away from her post.

  • The ability to know the ins and outs of each platform helps establish Carrot as an expert in the industry. But there’s a delicate balance you have to strike with your online presence.
  • So forget what everyone says, being on social media can be good for you career. However, I think the real question is what sort of things can you post that will help you get a job, rather than hurt your chances.
  • become a pseudo “expert” at something.
  • Connect, reach out to people, and be your genuine self.


As, my late Grandpa Allen would say “If you can’t do the job like the man, leave it alone.”

If i want to be apart of the social media community i have to will to go up and beyond to get the job done. Not only get the job done but done right. Become dependable and trustworthy. Whatever i blog about my readers in confidence can suggest someone to read. People talk about building a brand that kool in all but why lose your self in the process. So make your brand you because at end of the day you will spend more time being someone your not. When you can accept your uniqueness and be happy connect to people with all your flaws.

what i take away from this blog post is something family, teachers etc. has being trying to teaches and that is to be ourselves. But for some odd reason being ourselves isn’t kool enough. 

Dee Eunice Moore