“Twitter is a magnet for people seeking information.”- Brian Solis (p.92)

I totally agree that Twitter is a place i go to seek information. When i first got twitter it was confusing but i just did what i saw everyone else doing til i figured it out. Twitter has it pro’s and con’s with getting information because there are a lot of fake profile not everyone “real person” has their profile verified.  However, there is a lot knowledge to be learn through the use of twitter. There are people on twitter that you can network with like never before. I am just a tweet away from getting information from the horses mouth. Hopefully they are kind enough to return my tweet with an response.

Employment  everyone is looking for employment. It’s nice to have a more update list of places that a hiring tweeted out daily or weekly. That is what also make Twitter unique it is live and instant.

“Twitter and social media can spark a social effect that galvanizes community support and action.”-Brian Solis (p.92)

If business’s around Detroit could come together and create a Twitter account and tweet about when they are hiring etc. It would spark an interest in Detroit like never before because it would show that business want to keep business in the city of Detroit. Therefore creating more jobs in the city and using social media to get the word out create a community  off supporters. People want to see the city thrive again they are just looking for something to believe in again. More in the city is something the people can believe in and support.

Keeping with the idea of supporting  a cause fundraising is key. Fundraising can be difficult often not as successful as sum had hoped their fundraising to be. I have been apart those unsuccessful fund raisers not a pretty sight. Knowing you did reach you goal sucks.

“People are using Twitter and social media to raise money for charitable causes and capital for projects and companies. It’s the art of spurring contributions through information and education, not solicitation.” – Brian Solis (p.93)

Solis said it best people do not like to be solicited give them information and let them make their own decision if they want to give or not do ask. I think if you give people something of value they will be more than willing to give something in return. Learn to give more than you receive. May not get that donation but you make get something when you least expect it.