Both Chapters 10 and 11 were things new to me but i decided to to blog about chapter 10 because i felt i understood it more than eleven.

“Essentially, Social Objects in social networks take the form of content or media and can induce responses and reaction in each network in which they’re launched as dictated by those who notice and are prompted or notified.” Brian Solis (p. 104)

So basically when a company create these social media networks for their company each one should uniquely different that allows them to get different types of responses.  Just like in into to Public Relations when we had to give different types of comment on the tree different social media networks used for class. With a Blog you can get more depth of customers thoughts through their comments. Blogs are more informing that create dialogue. Whereas Facebook and Twitter is more marketing and responding to  issues quicker. They a more authentic connection with customers if used right than a blog does. Plus often times they are updated more regular than a blog.

The next two Brian Solis sum up my ideas of what i thought were the key elements of Chapter nine were:

“Social Objects become the hubs for specialized engagement and discourse at the point of introduction and also at time, relevance, and debut and discovery of related objects continue to support interaction.” Brian Solis (p. 105)

“Typically, we view the connections established within social networks as symbolizing the relationship between people. Therefore we we look at the number of friends and followers as a metric for authority of popularity.”- Brian Solis (p.105)

Solis, also remind us in this chapter how all of this is important in building a strong brand. Everything you do via social media can help or harm your brand. A Brand must be willing to accept the good and bad about themselves that the only way they will grow to be well balanced. Because if customers see their favorite  brand willing to make changes to improve and listen to their costumers via social  media then they will feel their voices are being heard. That why its important that  companies who jump in to this social media world understand the following with this understanding they are doomed!

“In many social networks, that object takes the form of content, profiles, events, media, and other social semblances that establish conversational hubs. Content indeed serves as the foray into the conversations that ultimately define the presence, acceptance, and perception of any brand.” – Brian Solis (p. 107)

Dee Eunice