I really enjoyed reading Closing the Design Gap  written by Dan Sullivan.  The follow are thing I felt was the key points of his blog post:

  •  Passion for good design lends itself to setting high personal standards, which in the competitive world of design, is a must. These standards can become somewhat of a catch 22 as you find yourself in the middle of a project that isn’t living up to personal or professional expectations
  •  Every good designer strives to create compelling work that stands out from all the rest, so it is easy to feel disheartened when you become aware of the gap between your work and the work that you admire.
  • In times of self-doubt, it’s important to think about why you chose this field in the first place.
  •  It is incredibly rare for someone to consistently create amazing work without pushing through those awkward learning phases, and it has happened to the best of them.

It is important to remember that we do have talent. With that talent we have to master that talent and that time. During that time we must embrace failure to know what true hard work success feels and look like. We all have learn to be humble and be willing to keep growing and learning. Our talent has gotten us this far it take appreciation and humbleness to work with other to grow to a new level. at this level of the first paying job we are now working with a team so we need not to be afraid to ask for help. You may have the job but you are still networking so welcome help and down the road when there a new job you’ll like to have they’ll be willing to speak highly of you.

Dee Eunice