After reading a blog post by Jeff Escalante entitled Facebook is Watching You.  I was a bit uncomfortable about some of the things i read about how Facebook use or information for marketing to what they think interest us.  This also use what we like to make sure we see ads about shows or singers we like. Which i find very annoying just because i like something doesn’t mean i want to see it every time i log on. He also discuss how important it is to clean out our computer cookies. The following are things i found to be very interesting through out the blog.


  • study by Bright Edge research shows that 25% of the top 1000 websites include a plugin from Facebook (the most popular being the like button), and that there have been over 65 million likes and shares of the top 1000 websites. This level of activity demonstrates a very tight integration between popular sites and Facebook.
  • Facebook keeps a log of the last 90 webpages you visited and they were able to track, and plans on using this data to provide additional targeting information for advertising.
  • These documents can extend up to thousands of pages and contain a vast range of information logged by Facebook, including chat logs, credit cards, emails, computers used to log in, pokes, locations/checkins, removed friends, and much more. And all of this data is retained even if your account is deleted.
  •  Although it’s good to know what’s being tracked and what isn’t, as long as they continue to use your data only for advertising, it is certainly not something to be freak out about. In fact, we should be happy that it allows them to show us advertising that we could benefit from.


Overall, it made me not want to use the like button for no reason even if i really do like something. I understand why Facebook is doing what they are doing but it can be overwhelming. Facebook less is always more. If your going to cater to my interest have a verity of ads not the same ones.