I have grown into loving to blogging. When I first started blogging I didn’t know my voice. I didn’t think I anything important to say blogging wise. If you I know me well or long enough you I will find something to chit chat about. With the blogging world its not what you talk about it how you say it. If what every you decided to blog about only serve your interest then you’ll never be successful.

You want to create a community where people not only read your blog but feel compelled to leave a comment. When people comment believe they will talk about it will friends. Word of mouth is your friend because it is done correctly it should bring readers to your blog to join the conversation.

As a blogger its important to be more than just a doer but also a hearer. That mean google  your subject see what other bloggers are talking about. Don’t let your pride get in the way so join the that community. Now day they ask for your website when leaving a comment. So that another way to get yourself out there. I’m sure if you blog enough the owner of that blog may just pay your blog a visit or or commenters may see what you are all about.

Brian Solis have a excellent point about that very idea in chapter four.

“Comments on other blogs are a form of both participation and unmarketing. Be sure to pay attention to relevant posts around the blogosphere and contribute relevant comments on both your blog and elsewhere.” (Solis 2011)


As bloggers I we all think we have something important to say. So we decided to blog faithful about whatever comes to mind or how we are feeling. I’ve been guilt of that on my tumblr blog which it my more fun and slightly personal blog. Though I do many followers who read my blog often I’m sure most of them are my friends a handful are random people. It hurt my feeling a little when I read Solis thoughts on blogging just because but I understood what he meant by the following statement.

“Blogging for the sake of blogging, even with the best of intentions, is meaningless if the internal team cannot communicate an organized infrastructure.” (Solis 2011)

Hence, is why I created a new blog where I write with a purpose same content but a different way of saying it where it is understood by others. Its not just me throwing a fit or venting.  Its substance and everyone is looking for substance something they can take from your reading. That reading your blog has not been a total waste.

Its important so you readers that you are human, you are not only trying to get your point across but understanding their angle too. Solis, didn’t bring this up in this chapter but i think it would be interesting if people blogged from a two sided argument approach. I think that make reader more comfortable being active reader and commenter.  Its all about connecting what ever your brand may be to someone who may or may not care. Once you have that connection you just have keep them coming back for more. Solis uses Ford Motor Company as an example, “Ford, for example, often introduces us to the people behind the story, allowing customers to make a human connection.” (Solis 2011)

If this approach works for a large company such as Ford Motor Company imagine what it could do for you as a regular ol Joe.