I knew picking a name for your blog is important but i didn’t think about the branding side of it until a year ago. Wanted something new so i change the name of my most successful blog. That was a  huge mistake because i had reader and supports of the blog. When i changed the name i complete ignored them and their feelings as to why they were apart of my online community. With that blog i networked with so many important people who still follow me on Twitter. Thank JESUS!!

Because i was interested in something new i could not expect my audience to accept the new name and new topic discussed. I am the same writer but i was creating a new brand under a old yet already successful brand with communicating that to my audience. Though my audience was still active but they were not in the large numbers before the change.

Some people see my face on twitter and ask aren’t you “Dat AfroChik”?  For the rest of blogging career i will always be “Dat Afro Chik” just because i out grow the name my audience loved and embraced me. I have been struggling to rebuild my brand an even more mature brand.  This one i plan to stick with all the way learn from my mistakes and use what made me successful in first place with my new journey in the blogging world. With my old blog i really did have a strong voice with this new blog i have found my voice. Now that i have found my voice my brand with become even Stronger over time!  I am Excited about my future!

A reflection piece after reading a blog by Jocelyn Broder.

Dee Moore