According, to Brian Solis author of Engage!,we stand at a crossroads where the language of social media either matures and develops or depreciates and decays(p. 38). Solis, also goes on to say some words are on the endangered species list, of the words on that list being yourself/ being human is what caught my eye.

Travis Dahle, wrote a blog entitled Are things like Twitter, Texting, Facebook and Blogging hurting communication? in his blog he brought  up the issue of being human and there more face to face communication. Besides being human Dahle also talked about other words that were also on Solis list such as listening, conversation/ dialogue, and relationships.

While there are other problems, there is an easy solution: make communication more human.  Think about what you are going to say when you type up an e-mail or a text.  Think about what comments you are putting down on some ones blog.  Try to meet with people and talk with them and listen to them (listening is another problem all together).  Try to make communication more human.

I feel with the use of some social media using we have lost the meaning of words. Now we have all the acronyms that shorten words and by shorten the words  I  feel it is changing the meaning of words. Also, we are no linger spelling out words dude to space so we create new spelling to to save space on such social media such as twitter. Twitter give us 140 character which sometimes limit the amount of correct spelling words we can use. Personally, I think all social medias have their own language that is used between those in that media and change form media to media.

Solis, states the web is becoming a lot smarter and will eventually start to help us come together as peers to collaborate and innovate (p.34). I find this to be true with companies of all sizes being able to become more successful through the web to connect with their desired audiences. It has also help expand their audiences to other states and around the global. However, if we don’t not get thing language together so that all can understand the meaning of words and how they used differently we will start become confused and wont know how to communicate with others. One may interpret lol as “laughing out load” where as one my interpret it to mean “lots of love” those are just basic examples but words and its meanings are change quickly as social media grows. I personally see it as a bad thing because each generation is effected differently it either mature and develop their language or  their language decays vocabulary wise.

We’re simply becoming aware of our markets, the people who define them, and our place within each community (Solis, p. 33).

But as we become more aware of our markets we should still know how to communicate outside of the social media world. After all there is still real alive people we still have to interact with on a daily basics. We still have to practice the basics to know how to make them better as time beings to change. But is this new change in hope interact with society really good or are hindering basic everyday growth.

While we learn through everything we read and practice, we should never strive to master something that evolves much faster than our ability to fully grasp its lessons, benefits, insights, and pitfalls. In the process, we learn a bit more about ourselves and our true potential ( Solis, p. 33).

So I think we don’t to embrace it all at once but we do have to willing to learn new things. Just as we learn new things we must not forget the basic skills of communication and the meaning of words. Know how to separate the two worlds reality and social media only if one helps the other but stop when it harms the other normal process.